Selling an ad isn’t easy

Ad Sales Genius provides the first CRM that is tailored to fit the publisher’s unique ad sales process. They wanted to convey their understanding of the publishing industry, so instead of depicting an internal process, this Instruction Map is all about building empathy and relating to client struggles.

This is one of the more intricate Instruction Maps – picking up on the solid, geometric icon style used in the Ad Sales Genius site. Before diving into the design, I conducted an extended discovery – exploring different ways to transition from sales to production to accounting. Early on, we decided that we wanted to include an element of humor so we added quotes from the movie Glengarry Glen Ross – a film every salesperson is intimately familiar with.

This inside joke really paid off. It turned out to be a huge hit with publishers at tradeshows and industry events.


“People love it! Once they actually start looking at it, they’re like: This is my life!”
— Joel pape, Owner

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