A passion for process

I’ve always enjoyed conveying complex ideas in simple ways. Visualizing data has been a key part of this, and instruction manuals and process charts have been especially fascinating to me. Flowcharts are great, but they aren’t always easy to read as one unit. 

What I mean is that when you step back and squint your eyes, the overall shape of these charts feels busy and unbalanced – they don’t seem intentional. This raised a question: what if there was a way to capture the compelling details of a process diagram while making it feel like a unified symbol?

A bit of about myself

My name is Chris and I live in Columbus, Ohio with my wonderful wife, Kelley, and my son, Gus. I've been designing all my life – ever since I was a little child (painting in my grandfather's studio). I can't imagine doing anything else.

Where I'm from

Born and raised in Germany, I didn't move to the United States until after college. My passion for graphic design was sparked during an internship at 4i Limited, a design studio in London. I got HOOKED - so I enrolled at the Media Design Hochschule in Duesseldorf and then completed my studies in Berlin.

Coming to the USA

After graduating, I got an opportunity to intern (and later work) at Oslund Design Incorporated. I packed my bags and moved to beautiful Eugene, Oregon. At Oslund, I learned all the tricks of the trade and jumped into the world of identity design and sports branding.

In 2007, I relocated to Kansas City to take a new job at Winntech. This full-service retail design firm provided the challenge I was waiting for. I got to lead the graphic design team and put together visual merchandising, digital signage and retail interactives. This is where I met my future business partner Dave Onkels. Together, we worked on a wide variety of projects for some of the nation's biggest brands.

Starting an agency

In 2010, Dave and I founded Dotvita in Dallas, Texas. Our goal was to create people-friendly experiences for clients who are deeply passionate about their own customers. I'm proud to say that we did just that. Dotvita was profitable from the beginning and 2014 was our biggest sales year ever. In 2015, we announced the completion of our journey. Dotvita closed its doors in February, at which point Dave and I each set out to start something new.

Chris Vogel Design

Since 2015, I’ve been running Chris Vogel Design – focusing on the things I love the most: Creating identities and interfaces for clients, working collaboratively with agencies and expanding my illustrative abilities. I love what I do and that is never going to change.

Some of my work